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Play Pak

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Play Pak -Includes cumfy cuffs (around the wrists in picture but can go around ankles also), thigh cuffs, and cuff extensions. The extensions can be used on either the thigh or wrist cuffs, and the thigh and wrist cuffs can be attached to each other. Use your imagination and prepare for the ultimate submissive experience. It’s all made of heavily woven nylon and the cuffs are foam lined. 2 sets of “comfy cuffs”. These are 7.5″ long so they can work for both ankles and wrists. They have snap closures on them. 1 set of thigh cuffs. These are 17″ long. They are *not* foam lined. They also have snap closures. 2 leashes, each with a snap closure. They are 3.5′ long.

Weight: 0.68000       Manufacturer: Rachels Pleasures

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